Ice Bath VS Sauna VS Red Light Therapy

Ice Bath VS Sauna VS Red Light Therapy

weight loss: ice bath vs sauna vs red light therapy

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Losing weight – why is it so challenging? Obesity is not just about an increase in body weight but results from an accumulation of excess fat due to overeating or changes in metabolism. The body’s metabolism, the conversion of external nutrients into internal substances, plays a crucial role in synthesizing and storing glycogen, proteins, and fats. An abnormal metabolic process can lead to the accumulation of excess fat, making weight loss difficult, particularly when the basal metabolic rate is low.

Ice Bath

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31 to 329 milliliters which is the amount of brown fat a person has. Brown fat, also known as brown adipose tissue. The main function of brown adipose tissue is to produce calories. In fact, brown fat is so metabolically active that a few dozen grams of brown fat can burn several hundred calories per day.

Exposure to cold temperatures triggers vasoconstriction, and by activating brown adipose tissue (BAT) the body can be made to work harder to maintain its core temperature, thus burning more calories.


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Sauna 10 minutes is equivalent to 10 kilometers of long-distance running?
Speaking of the sauna, it is a very popular health care behavior today.
After steaming not only comfortable body, but also in a large amount of sweating at the same time consume a lot of subcutaneous fat to achieve the effect of fat burning.
Sauna 10 minutes is equivalent to running 10 kilometers!!!! So is this true?
Let us first understand the following two terms:

  1. Heat ≠ Fat Burning
    What is “fat burning”? Exercise through a series of slow, gentle oxidation reaction and consumption of body fat, while “fat burning” is a rapid, violent oxidation reaction. However, fat oxidation in the body, not as in the body outside the general ignition of grease, a short period of time to release a large amount of heat energy, so the local body temperature is not the embodiment of fat consumption.
  2. Sweating ≠ Weight Loss
    Many dieters should find that a lot of sweating after the weight will be rapidly reduced, unfortunately, sweating consumes only part of the water under the epidermis of the body, when you drink a few more cups of water or a night, the weight value will be “back to the original shape”. The fat cells inside the fat, and will not be taken away with the sweat. Too long sauna bath will lead to dizziness, lack of oxygen and other proble