5 Reasons Why Compression Boots Relieve Edema

5 Reasons Why Compression Boots Relieve Edema


Patients with leg edema - picture of the effect of compression boots on edema

If you’ve ever watched someone you care about grapple with leg edema, you’ll understand the silent struggle it entails. The constant swelling isn’t just a visual nuisance; it’s a daily reminder of the discomfort and limitations it brings. In my journey alongside a friend’s battle with edema post a sports injury, I’ve seen the highs and lows — the days when even a simple walk feels like a marathon. It was during this time that we stumbled upon a beacon of hope: compression boots. This article isn’t just about listing their benefits; it’s about sharing a path to potential relief for many like my friend, seeking a respite from their swollen, aching limbs.

May the pain be away from everyone!

What is the science behind compression boots for lymphedema?

The purpose of compression therapy is to increase blood supply by applying pressure to the injured area to improve circulation and eliminate metabolic waste products that impair the body’s ability to fight infection and repair tissue damage.

Thanks to my company, I received a free lymphatic compression boot after my injury, which was not as painful as I thought it would be. But when my friend first suffered from edema, he needed to go to the hospital frequently for lymphatic massage. After the massage, he could choose whether to pay for the use of lymphatic compression boots. The price was not cheap, so I recommended our recovery boots to him. If he hadn’t used it in the hospital and had a good impression of it, he wouldn’t have believed that air compression boots could really help with edema recovery.

Going back to the original topic, like we saw with compression socks, compression boots for lymphedema utilize a continuous variation of pressure in the leg, with pressure initially applied to the foot and then to each air bag near the hip. Pressure to promote the return of lymph fluid in the direction of the heart.

This technology is not uncommon. In the past ten years, hospitals have been using it to treat patients. Of course, the operation in the hospital is simpler and the pressure is less. I once saw a product specially built by our company for hospitals, really really simple.

What are the benefits of compression boots for edema?

Boosting Blood Circulation

When edema occurs, you may feel like your legs are carrying extra weight and getting heavier with every step. Sometimes this pain can be unbearable as it doesn’t just affect us, but also the family members around us, which causes a great deal of inconvenience for them as well. Edema affects our normal life. With the advancement of time, the advent of compression therapy has drastically alleviated this terrible situation. Thus appeared the hottest device of the current phase = the compression boot. It gently squeezes the legs at a pressure of our choice, 30mmHg-260mmHg is enough to help the veins push the blood back to the heart. This improved circulation is like a breath of fresh air for swollen legs, gaining us hope for a return to health in our oppressive lives.

Supporting Lymphatic Health

Our body is made up of different systems, of which the lymphatic system is working tirelessly to balance fluids, and the presence of edema is thought to signify that it is overwhelmed and in a predicament where it is under siege by a large amount of edema. When I saw my friend’s legs swollen, I knew it wasn’t a cause of edema, it was a sign of a system that was struggling to keep up and struggling after being hit with a trauma. But as we all know, there are times when we need the help of “others” so that we can get better faster. Recovery boots bring relief not only physically, but mentally as well. It’s a relief for the body trying to regain its balance.