Frequently Asked Questions

Pipeline pumps are based on filter pumps that allow for more efficient refrigeration

Refrigerants, also known as coolants or refrigerants, are media used in various thermal machines to facilitate energy conversion. R410A is a new environmentally friendly refrigerant with a non-flammable polarity of 0 in air; while R32 is a cooling agent with zero ozone depletion potential. However, R32 has a significant drawback, which is its flammability. Contact between R32, a flammable gas, and air, combined with exposure to an open flame, inevitably leads to explosion. Our chiller utilizes the latest environmentally friendly refrigerant, R410A.

Of course we can, we supply high quality filter cartridges, 5$/pc.

It can be controlled remotely by APP, support IOS and Android.

Most of the time, when the water is in the desired range, The Chiller does not need to run and the unit is nearly silent. When cooling or heating the water, the fan creates about the same amount of noise as a AC unit or Fridge Motor.

Comes with two high quality filters (if you need more, $5 each), or you can easily find replacement filters at your local supermarket.

The frequency of filter cartridge replacement needs to depend on the water quality and frequency of use, Pipeline pump can see the condition of the filter cartridge more directly, which is convenient to replace when it is dirty.

After payment, I arrange production
3-5 days to finish
Air transportation is 5-7 working days

Yes, our company offers 12 months after sales