IJsbad versus sauna versus roodlichttherapie

IJsbad versus sauna versus roodlichttherapie

gewichtsverlies: ice bath vs sauna vs red light therapy

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Losing weight – why is it so challenging? Obesity is not just about an increase in body weight but results from an accumulation of excess fat due to overeating or changes in metabolism. The body’s metabolism, the conversion of external nutrients into internal substances, plays a crucial role in synthesizing and storing glycogen, proteins, and fats. An abnormal metabolic process can lead to the accumulation of excess fat, making weight loss difficult, particularly when the basal metabolic rate is low.


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31 naar 329 milliliters which is the amount of brown fat a person has. Brown fat, also known as brown adipose tissue. The main function of brown adipose tissue is to produce calories. In fact, brown fat is so metabolically active that a few dozen grams of brown fat can burn several hundred calories per day.

Exposure to cold temperatures triggers vasoconstriction, and by activating brown adipose tissue (BAT) the body can be made to work harder to maintain its core temperature, thus burning more calories.