An Ice Bath Recovery Strategy for Football Players( like Ronaldo

An Ice Bath Recovery Strategy for Football Players( like Ronaldo

In the football circle, we’ve heard a lot about ice baths. But when are athletes scheduled for ice baths, and what are the temperatures and durations of their ice baths?

Why does Ronaldo do ice baths?

Ronaldo do ice baths

Cristiano Ronaldo Declares Cold Water Is Best During His Recovery Session”We would sometimes return from a European game. It could be three in the morning but Ronaldo would be the player who did not go straight home. Instead, he would go to the training ground for the ice bath, to help with his recovery from the game.” his teammates said.
Cristiano Ronaldo is a great personality and he loves taking ice baths before the game. We have seen him doing this during the World Cup and UEFA games. He plunged into an ice bath again just before his country’s final qualifying encounter against Iceland in Euro 2024.
Athletes undergo intense physical activity on high-intensity days, resulting in muscle damage in their legs. Ice baths aid in suppressing inflammation and promoting recovery for them.
Japanese samurai used to train their minds and bodies using the freezing cold waterfalls. Otherwise called misogi.
It boosts metabolism, and testosterone, and most importantly, it vasoconstricts your body. Meaning, it constricts blood vessels and arteries and pushes lactic acid out of your muscles for faster recovery. You commonly see professional athletes taking ice baths, and that is why they do it.

What’s the best time to schedule an ice bath?

how long ice bath vs sauna vs red light therapy

Scientists recommend that soccer players take ice baths after high-load or long-duration training sessions or matches.Physiologist Stephen McGregor suggests that athletes should schedule ice bath sessions for training sessions lasting over two hours or for sessions reaching high intensity. However, for sports with lower impact on the body, such as light aerobic exercises or recovery days, ice baths might not be necessary.After completing a game, your body will be quite warm. It’s advisable to wait at least 20 minutes before taking a cold water bath.

In practical application, many athletes find themselves ending ice baths prematurely due to the intense cold sensation in water below 10°C. Personally, I recommend soaking in water between 10 to 12°C for about 10 minutes or so, which seems more suitable.

During the ice bath, you can wrap your upper body with a towel or put on a sweatshirt to keep warm.
You can also consume some recovery foods during the ice bath to aid in the body’s recovery process.

How to increase the intensity of ice baths?