Do compression recovery pants help recovery?

Do compression recovery pants help recovery?


It seems that compression recovery pants aid in post-exercise recuperation. According to an analysis of 12 studies, wearing compression clothing helps people recover from delayed onset muscle soreness after exercise to a considerable extent. Research indicates that compression clothing facilitates muscle recovery after exercise by increasing blood flow, which enhances blood circulation to the impacted areas and helps pump blood more effectively. Additionally, a 2021 study discovered that compression leggings may improve performance by promoting blood flow and aiding in the actions associated with recuperating following an exercise.

Introduction to Compression Recovery Apparel

Conceptual diagram of leg compression recovery

In the arena of athletic performance, compression garments have surged to the forefront as a potential ally for athletes. Among these, compression recovery pants have garnered significant attention for their purported benefits. These specialized garments are designed to envelop the lower extremity in a supportive embrace, ostensibly aiding in post-exercise recovery. But what are compression recovery pants, precisely? They are form-fitting apparel that apply graduated pressure to the legs, intending to accelerate the healing process and reduce recovery time.

The Physiology Behind Muscle Recovery